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Sea Cucumber and Cancer Treatment

Sea Cucumber and Treating Cancer

Is the sea cucumber the next miracle cure for cancer? In this video I describe ... Read more

Vita with Immunity – How do we “acquire” it?

Vita with Immunity – How do we “acquire” it?

The concept of acquired immunity is not new, matter of fact, in 430 BC, Thucydides ... Read more

Digestive Tract

The Highway Of Life: Your Digestive Tract

If you do not understand how to drive on this highway, you may have a ... Read more


Cancer Has Many Faces

The words “diagnosed with cancer” cause an immediate gut reaction. Sadness, anger and feeling overwhelmed ... Read more


It’s Cancer Prevention Month, but Cancer Causes and Prevention Continue to be Ignored

February is National Cancer Prevention Month, Read more


Soursop-Graviola – Could this Superfood Prevent Cancer?

Soursop (Annona muricata) may have a funny name, but it has amazing health benefits! This ... Read more


Understanding the Four Stages of Cancer

Largely due to a lack of knowledge about natural, non-toxic treatments coupled with the abysmal ... Read more


Benign and Malignant Tumors: What is the Difference?

When you are diagnosed with a tumor, there is an instant response emotionally, mentally, and ... Read more


Using Your Mind to Fight Cancer

Cancer can be a landmine of emotional, financial, and physical stress. From the moment a ... Read more


How Exercise can Prevent Cancer

Exercise is critical for improving one’s overall health. It is the key to cardiovascular wellness, ... Read more


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